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Food and drink manufacture is one of the Bangladesh's biggest industries.
And it's most complex.
Getting in front of your perfect buyer can be challenging.
Don't worry. Find your way to Foodpro Bangladesh and we'll make it simple.
We believe in 2016 thousands of visitors will pass through the doors of Foodpro, representing just, about every size of business, every food category, specialism and niche. We think you will be impressed by our ability to make sure that-even within a big audience-you meet people you need to meet and spend your time profitably convincing them to buy.
That's why....


    • We'll analyse the interests of every visitor to Foodpro ahead of time and create recommendations for the
      stands they should visit, the people they should meet and the events they should attend.
    • We will design our education and networking programme to create moments of focus around particular
      sectors, so you can concentrate your efforts at appropriate times.
    • We will extend the food sectors we cover to attract a wider range of buyers: both the generalists looking
      for something of everything and the specialists whose needs are precise.


Bangladesh Food Processing Sector an overview


Within the industrial segments, the processed food industry in Bangladesh represents one of the major potential sectors in terms of its contribution to value addition and employment. The sector accounts for over 22% of all manufacturing production and employs about 20% of labor forces. All food processing enterprises account for 2% of the GDP.The food processing industry in the country is heterogeneous in nature displaying greater diversity in size, technology, quality of products, processing, preserving and marketing and distributions systems. The sector is primarily dominated by small and medium enterprises with their strong linkage to the local production and high potential for processing, value addition and export.There are nearly 700 processed food manufacturing enterprises in the country including home made processing units, of which, at least 30 enterprises are processing fruits and vegetables.These include processing of bakery, confectionery, fruits and vegetables, cereals, dairy, carbonated and non carbonated fruit juices, drinks, other beverages and various other food items. Bangladesh itself with nearly 150 million population possesses a huge domestic market for processed food. Its important has been further multiplied due to its closer proximity to north eastern part of India with another over 70 million homogeneous people in terms of food habit and culture.




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